MyGiG RHR Drive
This part comes with simplified instructions and disassembly procedure. It comes ready for installation with original factory software. You will need to have basic mechanical skills and some tools to disassemble your unit. This hard drive provides instant plug-and-play replacement and fix for the original hard drive that comes with your MyGIG system.

Fixes following symptoms:
-Navigation Database: ERROR!
-Grace notes: N/A
-Disk space = - - - - - in Sys Info
-Navigation voice prompts are gone
-HDD Music Menu - No music found
-Music is listed but won't play
-Can't copy music from USB or CD
-Can upload music but its not listed
-Bluetooth Phone pairing not available
-U-Connect or Voice Commands don't work
-Update fails then "Emergency Update" screen
-System freezes or reboots or reboot loop
-Stuck on "Navigation is being Activated"
-MyGIG won't turn off - constant restart

Set content:
-40 GB 2.5” IDE HDD by HARMAN
-simplified instructions

Works with all RHR models. Your MyGIG model is found in lower right corner of your system front face.
This is standard duty hard drive. It will not work below 10 degrees Fahrenheit or -12 degrees Celsius.
This replacement HDD fixes about 90% of the problems with MyGIG system.