Toshiba Hyper Module Repair Kit MVPU13:

Hyper Module Part numbers:


This kit containes 11 components:

Electrolytic capacitor 10uF/16V SMD 11pcs.

This tutorial demonstrates how to repair TOSHIBA Projection TV with following symptoms:

-jagged picture
-pie crusting
-distorted video
-digitized picture
-poor sync (rolling picture)

Applies to the following projection TV models:

Toshiba 42H81 Toshiba 43HX71 Toshiba 43H71 Toshiba 50HX81
Toshiba 50H71 Toshiba 50H81 Toshiba 53HX71 Toshiba 53H71
Toshiba 57HX81 Toshiba 57H81 Toshiba 61H71 Toshiba 65HX81
Toshiba 65H81      


Locate the capacitors that need the replacement on the hyper module marked with white caption boxes on the photo.
Remove the MVUP13 Hyper Module from the TV chassis, remove the top shield and replace the 10uf, 16v capacitors
as shown in Photo 1. It’s recommended that all of the capacitors identified in Photo 1 be replaced.
(Note: These capacitors are low impedance surface mounted aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
Care should be taken to avoid damaging the PCB while replacing these capacitors.)

[full size image]

  Photo 1

  Replace 11 capacitors marked with white caption boxes.

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