Mitsubishi FMT Repair Kit VS-79:

FMT Part number:


This kit containes 4 components:

Diode 264P828010 2pcs.
Ceramic Capacitor 141P148000 2pcs.

This tutorial demonstrates how to repair MITSUBISHI DLP TV with following symptoms:

-checkerboard pattern in picture
-distorted video

Applies to the following DLP TV models:

Mitsubishi WD-52525 Mitsubishi WD-52725 Mitsubishi WD-52825
Mitsubishi WD-62525 Mitsubishi WD-62725 Mitsubishi WD-62825


Locate the following components on FMT board:
-D8F00 diode (parts side)
-D8F01 diode (parts side)
-C8F26 ceramic capacitor (parts side)
-C8F29 ceramic capacitor (foil side)
(Care should be taken to avoid damaging the PCB while replacing these parts.)

[full size image]

  Photo 1

  Replace 4 components marked in the photo.

Where to get the parts:

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